• Custom Sealing Solutions for Mining Equipment

Custom Sealing Solutions for Mining Equipment

Unlike equipment used in regular environments, mining equipment needs custom sealing solutions. Mining locations are harsh and often remote, the demands of 24/7 production punishing.

Long equipment service lives and long periods between scheduled maintenance are required to keep the operation profitable.

To meet these challenges, exceptional seal designs and materials are needed. Here are some custom sealing solutions developed for mining equipment.

Custom sealing solution requirements

Whether operating in a flooded pit or a dusty desert, mining equipment seals need to be robust, abrasion-resistant and come with low friction co-efficients. Sand, mud, water and fallen rocks are just a few of the challenges facing seals in mining operations.

Peak pressures of up to 250 MPa call for unique sealing element designs, with high extrusion resistance key. High extrusion resistance stops a seal being forced into the gap between the sealed connection’s moving and fixed parts and greatly increases the seal’s operating life.

Cassette axle seals

Cassette seals house their components with a sealed cassette, and are made for the harshest conditions. An example is our cassette axle seal, designed to resist mud, water and other contaminants.

Cassette seals are made up of a sleeve, sealing lip with a spring and several anti-dust lips integrated into an exclusionary labyrinth. This stops contaminants entering the seal joint and leads to greater system reliability and longevity.

Polyurethane construction

Our AU30000 polyurethane material is a superior, cost-effective urethane that supplies many needs in one compound. AU30000 seals handle higher temperatures, higher pressures and more diverse fluids.

This means tougher resistance to environmental conditions and longer life overall. Ratings of 500 bar and -40°C to 120°C put this material in a class of its own.


The Combi-SF22 axle seal allows for a bigger shaft stroke and increased steering possibilities. The external elastomeric and optimised polyurethane wipers have an improved wiping effect on the shaft and this results in less contamination in harsh mining environments.

These custom sealing solutions for mining equipment are made with advanced materials and designs. Contact Freudenberg Sealing Technologies for more information on custom seals.