FST Product Guide

Your comprehensive guide to FST's full range of industrial sealing products.

FST's full-colour catalogue is available online!

You'll find all your industrial sealing requirements here. From o-rings and pipe wipers to double acting piston seals and vee packs, our online catalogue gives you our full complement of seals and accessories, including specifications, dimensions, full-colour drawings and extensive technical information.

Click here to download your copy now! (PDF - 10mb)

To download catalogue content section by section as a PDF file, click on your preferred section below:

Rod Seals (1.18mb)
Vee Packs (469kb)
Piston Seals - Single Acting (1.56mb)
Piston Seals - Double Acting (1.23mb)
Wiper Seals (933kb)
Bearings (729kb)
O-Rings (1.40mb)
Backup Washers (321kb)
Pneumatics (911kb)
Bonded Washers (283kb)
Flanges (200kb)
Technical Information (1.16mb)