Backup Rings


Backup Rings are not intended to provide any sealing capability or function in a sealing application. Backup Rings are designed as an ancillary product to provide support and protection to a seal or in most cases, an O Ring.

The primary function of a Backup Ring is to close up an extrusion gap in a seal housing and prevent the main seal from being forced out of the extrusion gap which can cause damage to and eventual failure of the main seal.

Backup Rings are generally manufactured from high-modulus extrusion-resistant materials which makes them able to withstand higher pressures than their partnering seal. This then allows seals for the use of a lower hardness material to provide better low-pressure sealing capability.

Backup Rings will allow the use of O Rings in high pressure applications and in some certain instances will tolerate over twice the pressure handling capability when compared with an O Ring and no attaching Backup Ring.