O-Rings - FPE Encap. Silicone


PTFE encapsulated Silicone O-rings have a core of homogenous Silicone Material with a moulded PTFE sheath on the outside.

PTFE encapsulated orings are designed to protect the core O-ring material from attack by aggressive chemicals as well as increase the effective temperature handling range. PTFE, whilst being highly inert and able to withstand aggressive chemicals and high temperatures, also has a very high compression set and no effective memory and is therefore a poor option to replace a traditional elastomeric O-Ring. In coating a Silicon Core with a thin layer of PTFE, the respective benefits of both materials is harnessed.

Silicone Encapsulated O-Rings are a more economical encapsulated solution and also have lower temperature handling capabilities than Viton.

  • PTFE encapsulated 70A Duro Silicone - Precision Moulded.
  • O-Rings are used predominantly in static applications but can be used in certain dynamic applications.
  • O-Rings can be combined with a backup ring to increase the pressure tolerance and assist in resisting extrusion. (Encapsulated O-Rings should only be combined with a PTFE backup ring).
  • Used in a wide variety of applications that simple yet effective solutions.
  • Recommended for static applications only.
  • Hydraulic fluids, petroleum fuels and oils
  • Resistant to solvents and harsh chemicals.