Pneumatic Seals

Pneumatic seals are often very similar in design to Hydraulic Seals. The sealing principles remain the same and both cylinder types operate under the same physical principles. The key difference between both applications is that pneumatically operated cylinders are actuated using compressed air. Generally the air in the pneumatic system has been degreased, filtered and de-watered to remove contaminants which may cause corrosion to the cylinder as well as premature wear to the seals.

Pneumatic cylinders are preferred in applications where high-speed actuation of the cylinder rod is needed as well as in environments where extreme heat, open flames, and flammable gases may make the use of a hydraulic system with a mineral based fluid intolerable.

Due to the quicker reciprocating speed of the rod in a pneumatic cylinder, more durable materials capable of withstanding higher temperatures caused by the increased friction are generally used in the manufacture of pneumatic seals.

We offer a range of pneumatic specific sealing products to suit almost any application.