Pneumatic Seals - Rod

Pneumatic Rod seals are generally unique in design when compared to their hydraulic equivalent. Pneumatic Rod seals prevent the escape of air out of the cylinder into the atmosphere and are used in closed housings. Pneumatic Rod + Wiper/Scraper combo seals are used in open housings and have the dual purpose of wiping or scraping the rod as it is retracted into the cylinder as well as preventing the leakage of air from the cylinder when the cylinder is extended.

In the Rod/Wiper combo seals, special materials are used with a dedicated purpose to their function with harder, more abrasion resistant materials used on the outside to wipe the rod and softer more flexible materials used as the rod element to seal against the leakage of air.

For specially designed cylinders or particularly unique environments, Ludowici will be able to design and manufacture a solution for any pneumatic application.


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